Garrison Redd Is from Brooklyn, New York. He is a TEDx Speaker, Team USA Paralympic powerlifter, model, and most of all an advocate for disabled rights. He founded The Garrison Redd Project with an essential goal of bettering the well-being of disabled individuals through a variety of methods. To provide resources and services in the areas of advice, motivation, inspiration, health, and many other areas in order to improve the quality of living for disabled individuals. He emphasizes on Adaptive Sports Programs to incorporate all of these services into one. He saw that there were a lack of Adaptive Sports Programs that would accommodate to all individuals with disabilities, ranging from all ages.

He played various sports growing up such as boxing, basketball, baseball, and football. In football, He was a standout running back from youth football up until high school. He received various awards and accolades.

Going into his senior year at James Madison High School in Brooklyn, New York, He was outside on an ordinary summer night, when he was shot in his back. The bullet burned the nerves surrounding the t-12 section of my spine, which left him paralyzed and unable to walk. Instead of feeling sorry for his self or depressed, he decided to triumph through the fate of adversity. Most people would’ve felt that their life was coming to an end however, he felt like his life was just beginning. At 17 years old after this catastrophic injury had occurred to him, he wasn’t discouraged, because it made him into a different man. It made him think about the bigger picture. It made him think that maybe he was put here to inspire everyone from the youth to the elderly, which he is now on a journey to achieve.

Fast forward to the present time, he holds a bachelor’s degree in finance from York College. He is currently training for TEAM USA in para powerlifting with aspirations of winning a gold medal at the 2020 Olympics/Paralympics in Tokyo. He is a seasoned motivational speaker and he did a Ted Talk which is titled “Life is like Lemonade”, where he discusses some of the adversities he faced on his journey to success. In an effort to bring awareness to discrimination against the disabled community.

In February of 2019, He was selected to Team USA to represent the country in the sport of Para-Powerlifting. He is the first individual to ever be selected from New York City. Weighing 125 pounds he has lifted over 300 pounds in national competitions. Some of the Upcoming international competitions he will be competing in are the World Championships being held in Kazakhstan as well as the Parapan Games being held in Lima Peru. These two international competitions are his first steps towards qualifying for the Olympic/Paralympic games taken place in Tokyo in 2020. He is projected to do very well, He was told "he has a lot of potential" by the Team USA performance manager.

Most Importantly he started The Garrison Redd Project which provides individuals with disabilities with an opportunity to become active, and to participate in some cool adaptive sporting events. The Garrison Redd Project also hosts fundraisers and charitable events to provide accessible equipment to individuals who are unable to afford certain items which will improve their quality of life such as wheelchairs, walkers, crutches and plenty other medical devices. The Garrison Redd Project provides opportunities to Business, Corporations, and Brands that are looking to be viewed as a pioneer and a leader within the disabled community, to collaborate with us on our innovative Sports Programs. Ultimately The Garrison Redd Project has one goal in mind and that is “To Disabled Limitations”.


Garfield Williams Jr is from Brooklyn, New York.

A former Supervisor and current Workforce Management Coordinator for Global Contact Service, a subcontractor for the MTA running the call center for Access A Ride. He joined his cousin Garrison Redd in on forming The Garrison Redd Project because he saw how Garrison made an impact on friends, family members, and strangers spreading positivity, love, and motivation and thought this should be done on a bigger platform to make an inclusive world.

With the experience of dealing with disabled and elderly people throughout NYC at Global Contact Service call center and assisting Garrison Redd post rehabilitation. Garfield goal is to help grow the Garrison Redd Project Organization globally. Garfield spent 10 years in customer service and growing relationships with disabled individuals from all walks of life he noticed they’re no different from him and in some cases are stronger in areas he lacks.

With The Garrison Redd Project, one of the goals is to connect corporate companies with the disabled community so their abilities are shown. Together Both Garrison Redd and Garfield Williams is Disabling Limitations.