Most companies, most brands, struggle to attract the disabled market.  Often, they talk down to individuals with disabilities and make assumptions that are incorrect and disempowering. 

In fact, a survey commissioned by the Marketing Anthropology Project suggests that people with disabilities are a market of interest to all U.S. consumers (National Business & Disability Council, 2017). The survey found that 66% of consumers will purchase goods and services from a business that features individuals with disabilities in their advertising, while 78% will purchase goods and services from a business that takes steps to ensure easy access for individuals with disabilities at their physical locations. This finding is salient for small businesses, which make up about 85% to 90% of businesses in the United States and accounted for 54% of all sales in 2017.

We work with companies, individuals, brands, teams – people who want to engage the disabled market, as a market with different physical needs but also with exceptional physical capabilities.  The brands that support the Garrison Redd Project do so because they want to connect with, inspire and support disabled people who:

·      Sky dive,

·      Rock climb,

·      Compete in the Paralympics,

·      Drive sports cars, 

·      Eat fine foods,

·      Socialize,

And participate in the economy. 

The opportunity is huge.  This is a market that no longer waits in the shadows and takes what is delivered but demands quality, participation and the opportunity to do anything. 

 The Garrison Redd project promotes and empowers creativity, innovation, technological achievements, for and by the disabled communities.  Our projects transform lives through technology, sports/athletics, financial support for adaptive equipment, and other opportunities.

 We do this through high profile events in adaptive climbing, yoga, wheelchair basketball, adaptive races, and other exciting physical endeavors.  We are also looking at creating hackathon and innovation challenges that will spur innovation in developing more adaptive technology to enable disabled people to do more, while giving our sponsors insights into the needs and opportunity in a large and growing market.

Eighty nine percent of millennials want to do business with companies that support their values.  And the disabled market by itself is an $490billion market of individuals with disposable income and growing as people do more, earn more and spend more. 

Supporting the Garrison Redd project is a great way for you to engage these markets and gain recognition generally and with the disabled community.  We will give you the platform and opportunity to showcase your brand and establish your brand as a leader in empowerment and opportunity. 

 Let your market see you as a leader, as someone who is engaged in the market, rather than a brand that is behind the times and treats individuals as “less than”. 

 Please click link below to donate and Support The Garrison Redd Project. Feel free to contact us directly if you would like to be a corporate sponsor.