TheGarrisonReddProject   was founded by Garrison Redd in 2017 with a mission to raise awareness to the abilities of disabled individuals along with promoting self confidence. TheGarrisonReddProject  will provide individuals with assistance in the community, the workplace, transportation, education and any other issues individuals may be experiencing.  TheGarrisonReddProject  also host fundraisers and charitable events to provide accessible equipment to individuals who are unable to afford certain items which will improve their quality of life such as wheelchairs,walkers, crutches and plenty other medical devices. TheGarrisonReddProject provides Motivational and Inspirational Speeches to everyone on a variety of topics. Ultimately TheGarrisonReddProject has one goal in mind and that is “to make to this world more inclusive”.  

Below is a link if you would like to donate to “TheGarrisonReddProject”