My name is Garrison Redd I was born June 22,1988 in the Brownsville/Crown heights section of Brooklyn. My parents were both two hard working municipal employees in which at an early age they instilled in me discipline and work ethic. One of the greatest life lessons they ever thought me was never to "quit". 

Growing up I excelled scholastically and athletically,  I was placed in the gifted program at the age of 8 after scoring in the top 3 percentile in various standardized exams. I played various sports growing up such as boxing, basketball, baseball, and football. In football I was a standout running back from youth football up until High School, in which i received various awards and accolades. Going into my senior year at James Madison High School I was outside on an ordinary summer night where I was randomly shot in my back  which burned the nerves surrounding the t12 section of my spine, which left me unable to walk.

Instead of feeling sorry for myself or depressed, I decided to triumph through the face of adversity. Most people would've felt that there life was coming to an end however I felt like my life was just beginning. At 17 years old after this catastrophic  injury had occurred to me I still wasn't phased because it made me different. It made me think about the bigger picture that maybe I was put here to inspire everyone from the youth to elderly. In which  I am on a Journey to achieve.

Fast forward to present time I hold a Bachelor's degree in Finance from York College. I am a motivational speaker,model, fashion designer, entrepreneur, and an advocate for equal rights.

Please feel free to contact me thru my contact page or by emailing me   follow my instagram page @bigmoneyygee  I am interested in all endeavors.