Corporate Partnership

We offer multiple opportunities to Partner with us.

1. Annual Partnership- Your donation powers The Garrison Redd Project to provide compassionate services and equipment to those in need, for individuals in your community, in the hospital and across the country. By making a charitable donation to The Garrison Redd Project, your organization will be there for thousands of disabled individuals who would like an opportunity to be engaged in activities they thought was impossible. We welcome the opportunity to discuss the impact your gift of any size can make.Contact us to discuss more.

2. Sponsor A Child - $1,000- $1,500

This Opportunity allows you to sponsor a child that is less fortunate with the adequate assistive device they would need to achieve success. Studies show that the poverty rate for individuals living with disabilities is twice the amount an abled body. Also with the unemployment rate for an individual living being over 70 percent consistently for the last 20 years. We are determined to change this crisis by starting with the youth since they are the future leaders of this world.



We offer internship opportunities to students who are undergraduates in college. The ideal candidate would be able to provide high quality assistance to volunteers and participants, partner organization, donors, and the participants at large. Also they will posses an entrepreneurial spirit with a motivation to gain an understanding of all aspects required for an organizations success. Some college coursework or commiserate professional experience. Basic computer processing skills including MS Office. Intern will receive credit towards degree. Contact us for details on how to apply.


Volunteer Opportunities

To carry out the extensive programs that The Garrison Redd Project provides. We count on people like you, who contribute their unique backgrounds, talents, skill levels and time. Our needs change based on current events, adding flexibility to get you involved in an area that inspires you!


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