Our Story

The Garrison Redd Project is a non profit organization that was founded by Garrison Redd and Garfield Williams. To provide Corporations, Companies and Brands with an opportunity to have a significant presence within the Disabled Community.


Our Vision

The Garrison Redd Project Presents Accessible Talent in an Inaccessible World


Our Mission

We understand that companies have challenges connecting or being recognized within the disabled community, so we provide opportunities to collaborate with us on events such as, adaptive hiking, adaptive yoga, hack-a-thons, innovation workshops, adaptive inclusive dancing, Inclusive races and a scholarship program which provide recent H.S  graduates that are disabled with a scholarship to assist them with their college tuition. Our programs are excellent for Companies that would like to reach out to the disabled community being that we are open to outreach as well as working with your brand. With the end result of your brand or company will be considered a leader, a pioneer, an innovator and an advocate for the disabled community. Ultimately increasing your Company, Brand, or Corporation credibility and integrity. Which will create a more inclusive environment for everyone to live in.

Our Values

1. Bridging The Gap- The Garrison Redd Project is committed to creating opportunities for others

2. Empathy- Speaking the truth and showing the proof creating a culture of understanding

3. Accessibility- Open and available showing inclusivity to any disability

4. Excellence- striving to be the best leaders possible

5. Inspirational Motivation- We strive to do new things accepting challenges being cohesive



We educate society on issues regarding people with disabilities and we provide the knowledge required to carry out a job or a task with goal of increasing good practice amongst a variety of entities. We also have a goal of decreasing the unemployment rate which is currently at 70%. We are also bringing attention to the unfair treatment in the auto industry, along with trying to make public transportation more accessible in all areas. “The key to success is arriving on time”. 

Health & Fitness

With the Increase in Cardiovascular diseases and  Weight related disorders Thegarrisonreddproject provides, tips in the areas of nutrition and exercises  for individuals with disabilities. These tips can be utilized by all individuals, the emphasis is placed on people with disabilities due to the lack of resources in the areas of Exercise and Nutrition for people with disabilities  

Community Events

Thegarrisonreddproject hosts fundraisers, empowerment seminars ,toy drives, accessible/adaptive equipment giveaways to individuals in need, and motivational workshops. In various areas throughout New York City with a goal of expanding nationwide. Most of the events are held in the community centers and parks of areas dealing with high rates of poverty. In order to make it as convenient and accessible as possible for individuals in need of our services.


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