These partners have supported us with discounted services, opportunities and support. We thank them and look forward to working with them for years to come!

Engage Story Marketing has helped us define who we are, our story and how we communicate this to the world. Their support has been key to us making connections, engaging our constituents and growing The Garrison Redd Project. Visit them here, download their Engage Story for Marketing Guide here or check out their brand defining, story creating workshop here.



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The MAPP program designed by Red Sapiens has been a key tool for us to get our internal structures right. Their coaching has helped us (is helping us) professionalize The Garrison Redd Project and deliver the vision that we have for becoming a powerful resource for people with disabilities. Check them out here. And check out their free recorded webinar here.

 Spectrum News NY 1 featured Garrison Redd discussing his journey that lead him to USA Para Powerlifting Team and his training process to compete in 2020 Paralympic Games in Tokyo. He then explains why he started The Garrison Redd Project Organization using it as a way to encourage other disable individuals.


Garrison Redd starred in a McDonald’s Black and Positively Golden commercial that airs on BET. Garrison Redd shows some of his training in the gym as a way of promoting health and fitness to the disabled community. click here to view commercial on Youtube.


Brooklyn News 12 featured Garrison Redd showing his calisthenic workout in the park discussing the how The Garrison Redd Project Organization was started along with Garfield Williams bridging the gap between the disabled community and abled body individuals aiming to make the world more inclusive. He is also training for 2020 Paralympic Games in Tokyo. View news clip here


Google selected Garrison Redd through the Christopher Reeves Foundation to be apart of the Google Home & Nest devices that he uses on a daily basis. Google travels with Garrison through his routine on most days that consist of training for Paralympics , modeling , traveling on the subway along with an interview on how the Google devices helps him at home and some incite on The Garrison Redd Project.


Garrison Redd was featured on Fox 5 News speaking on how Google Home/ Nest Device help improve his life and encourages others to request for a device that google is giving out for free to 100,000 individuals that have a disability. click here to see if you qualify for a free device