Love what thegarrisonreddproject stands for
— Wahab Sulemana, Ghana

Garrison and Garfield you guys are an inspiration, I am t-6 paraplegic and y’all are really providing hoping to individuals like myself
— cory, Houston

I literally be crying because I have a medical condition thats eats me alive mentally and I see you starting from the bottom and elevating. I’m inspired by your strength but I don’t know how to do that for myself.
— vannah, california

This Organization is changing lives around the world. I wish we had activities like yours in my Country
— Stephanie, Philippines

My daughter is a quadriplegic, and the opportunities that The Garrison Redd Project is providing will give her a chance to do some extraordinary things
— Sam, New York

Thank you for giving me hope
— Damian, New York

This the Organization is bringing awareness and opportunity to the disabled community and I would like to thank you
— Paul, Kansas

I have a 12 year old daughter living with Cerebral Palsy and what you stand for is exactly what is needed in this world..Thank you
— Nicola, Philadelphia