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The Road to Kazakhstan: My first ParaPowerlifting Competition

Adaptive workout

Disability News Report Episode 4 . 2/4/19

Disability News Report Episode 3 January 27,2019

Disability News Report January 21,2019

Disability News Report January 13,2019

Founders of thegarrisonreddproject Garrison Redd and Garfield Williams is here to bring you a weekly disability news report. We will be covering Fashion, disability rights, sports, entertainment, and many other topics. We are going to bring awareness to the disabled community, we will cover everything from hardships to accomplishments.

IKEA Meet The Experts Part 2

IKEA Meet The Experts Part 3

Fashion Week Brooklyn Interview

Via - On A Positive Note: Dude Shares Some Wise Words After Suffering Spinal Cord Injury From Being Shot In The Back!

You Will Get What You Work For Not What You Wish For

Greatness Is A Of Small Things Done Well Everyday

Always Remember Your Focus Determines Your Reality

Interview With Noreen Sumpter "Live Life Your Way"

Garfield Williams and I first live radio interview

My First live radio interview...."All the way live from the Planet of Brooklyn we had the guy Mr Garrison Redd aka @Bigmoneyygee the motivational speaker,model,paralympian,advocate many more and most important Founder of get in touched and get involved follow and support this guy he may be the Mayor of NYC one day."

Trust the Process with Christopher Reid

How to get in and out of an adaptive vehicle

Walking with KAFO braces

Trust The Process Part 2

Ignite Talk

Ted Talk

Never Give Up On Something You Can't Go a Day Without

Wheelchair Calisthenics

Tri-State Regional Powerlifitng Competition First Place

Surround yourself with positive people

Wheelchair Racing