Disabling Limitations

We understand that companies have challenges connecting and being recognized within the disabled community, so we provide opportunities to collaborate with us to create access to extraordinary talent.

Roll With Us

How you can get involved

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Join a GRP program. From adaptive sports and social events to trainings and hackathons we are constantly developing programs to help you enjoy more and connect with the community.

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Become a GRP volunteer - Open to everyone this is a great way to help us create programs, to give to your community and have some fun. We need volunteers to help with events, training and running programs.


TheGarrisonReddProject members include individuals of all ages and backgrounds who are driven, independent, and active participants in our society. They are Paralympians, wounded warriors, talented artists, kids with big dreams, proud parents, self-advocates, heroes, survivors, and accomplished professionals. Membership is Free

About The Garrison Redd Project

The Garrison Redd Project was founded by Garrison Redd and Garfield Williams in 2017 to provide opportunities for Companies to collaborate with us to host amazing adaptive events for the disabled community. We understand that companies ranging from fortune 500 all the way to small business want to have an impact and be recognized within the disabled community. These companies have challenges in innovating and creating programs to be seen as a leader within the disabled community. Here at The Garrison Redd Project, we provide opportunities to collaborate with us on special projects such as adaptive climbing, adaptive yoga, hack-a-thons and many other projects to make you a front-runner within the disabled community. We also are aware that in today’s society it is very important to contribute towards a meaningful cause, that will give you credibility as a supporter and innovator within the disabled community.